When it comes to self defense the best self defense tactic is conflict avoidance.  This is especially true if you're carrying a firearm because you know for certain that even the smallest conflict could elevate into a gun fight with deadly consequences.  As a CCW holder your number one goal should be to avoid any and all situations in which you may be forced to use your weapon.  

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Jonathon Wolf
Chief Instructor(CEO)

Uscca Certified Instructor ​​

BSIS Licenses Guard​

IDPA shooter ​

CPR & First Aid certified ​

NRA Basic Pistol Certified​

NRA certified instructor


Our mission is to instruct individuals in the recognition of non-verbal and verbal signals of potentially aggressive behaviors, crisis intervention techniques, conflict resolution and, if necessary, effective use of self-protective measures while allowing the agitated or angry person to vent his or her feelings and maintaining personal dignity.

"Stand up for something or fall for everything"

Jonathan D. Wolf